what is accountability

Accountability delivers results. We define accountability as: the ability and willingness to follow through on your own promises and commitments. Accountability is a skill. It requires practice, learning, implementation and even revision.

definition of accountability
The ability...
and willingness...
to follow through...
on your own promises...
and commitments.
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The Accountability Philosophy

Our accountability philosophy is the basis for everything we do and how we teach people to improve their businesses. True accountability is sustainable. It isnít something you can learn or change overnight. Instead, it is a process.

Many people today are looking for solid, dependable answers in an uncertain time. We canít always control the world around us but we can learn to be accountable for those things we can control -- starting with ourselves.

Accountability gives you the opportunity to control your own path. You don't blame others. And, you don't blame the external environment. There are always things you could have done or still can do to change the outcome. You actually gain control with accountability. † Accountability opens the door to true leadership, more effective and clear communication, and in finding your own compass for a fulfilling life. Being accountable cuts through the clutter and simplifies in a way that no other tool can. Step forward and learn to become accountable with our Certified Accountability Coaches!†

Accountability FAQ

Q. How will accountability affect my career?

A. Accountability leadership is at the heart of empowering people to perform well, discover their own abilities and excel. When a climate of accountability exists, goals are attained, communication is clear, and the highest levels of performance are achieved. Become the leader you desire to be by learning to become more accountable. Contact us for help in getting started.

Q. I feel like I just need someone to guide me. As the head of a small business, I have no one to turn to for help. What can your Certified Accountability Coaches offer me?

A. The Accountability s can be the "sounding board" you need. Our experts are trained to help you and talk candidly with you about issues that matter to YOU. Brainstorm, talk through challenges and learn how to become more successful with a competent, trained expert. Schedule sessions with an Accountability of your choice, around your schedule with either One-on-One Accountability Coaching or our new Coaching Gym.

Q. Being held accountable can seem negative to my employees. How can I make this become a positive trait within our company?

A. Some people find it intimidating to accept an obligation or to accept responsibility for their actions. Itís important to showcase this as a positive trait and to represent the fact that accountability gives you control of your own path and your future.

Q. I feel my company is slipping and my employees are not performing at their best. How can I teach my employees to be more accountable?

A. When people do not feel that they are held accountable for their behavior, they often lower their performance to the lowest possible level acceptable to the leader. Creating a culture of positive accountability within your workplace begins with becoming accountable yourself and expecting the same from others.
Help your team perform at its best with accountability. Learn how with our Coaching Gym, Study Group, or One-on-One Accountability Coaching for the business leader, CEO or entrepreneur.

Q. I have read about how accountability is impacting companies and organizations and I am excited about bringing this into my own company. Where do I start?

A. Begin by becoming accountable yourself! Accountability will radiate out when you hold yourself to certain standards and expect the same from others. Being an accountable leader will drastically improve your business and relationships.

Learn more about how to help your business by contacting us. We can help guide you to learning accountability for yourself as well as to teach it to others.