Do you feel youíre operating at full potential in your business life?

Are you concerned about your future due to the recent decline in the economy?

If there were a way to gain more confidence in an uncertain time, would you be interested?

We are living in tough times. During challenging financial times such as now, itís easy to feel uncertain about your future and itís understandable to be worried. The good news is there is consolation in these troubling times. We canít always control the world around us but we can learn to be accountable for those things we can control -- starting with ourselves.

Accountability opens the door to true leadership and more effective, clear communication, and in finding your own compass for a fulfilling life. True accountability is sustainable. It isnít something you can learn or change overnight. Instead, it is a process over time.

One-on-One Accountability Coaching is your answer!

"Through your coaching with me, we have identified specific ways for me to improve my leadership skills and to help each of my direct reports to perform at a higher level. I recommend John as an executive coach to anyone who wants to take their organization to a higher level and their own performance to another level."

Dick Lombardo, CEO, Harkins Builders

Accountability delivers results. We define accountability as: the ability and willingness to follow through on your own promises and commitments.

Take a moment to analyze where you stand and consider the areas where you could use more accountability.

  • Do you feel that you are falling short on your goals and expectations?
  • Do you try and try to get ahead or to catch up but it always seems youíre two steps behind?
  • Do you have great ideas but lack the skills to properly implement them?

"As a result of John's program on Accountability and putting into practice his goal setting suggestions I have seen improvement in my team's ability to meet our objectives. Using John has helped me make it easier to focus everyone on achieving agreed upon goals."

Ed Jecelin, Director of Manufacturing, Under Armour

One-on-One Accountability Coaching can help you put things in perspective and find the direction you need.

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Accountability is a skill.

It requires practice, learning, implementation and even revision. This is where your Certified Accountability Coach comes in. They are:

  • Advisors
  • Teachers
  • Mentors
  • Leaders
  • Listeners
  • Facilitators
  • Confidants
  • Guides
  • And more

One-on-One Accountability Coaching is personalized directly to you and your needs.

Coaching is sustainable.

You will learn skills that you can take with you now and forever. One-on-One Accountability Coaching will:

  • Train you to identify solutions to your problems today and help you to discover the solutions to challenges you may face in the future.
  • Transition your business from mediocre to extraordinary with proven practices that work.
  • Teach you how to how to know what to do for yourself as opposed to telling you what to do.

"John Dobzinski met our needs because it provided our managers with a model that they could use both one-on-one and when working with teams. Our leaders are now more aware of how coaching can support them to achieve their individual and departmental goals. We believe that our investment has been very successful and the skills that were shared by John are going to set a precedent in the way that our managers interact with their teams and individual employees."

Gretta Taylor, HR Training Manager, ATK Tactical Systems Company, LLC

One-on-One Accountability Coaching is the solution.

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Without accountability, businesses fail.

What are you willing to do to prevent this from happening to you?

When are you going to take responsibility?

Where can you make positive changes for your future?

If you want to hold others accountable, you must first be able to hold yourself accountable. Next, you must learn to continue this practice of accountability on an ongoing basis.

What are the benefits of One-on-One Accountability Coaching?

Think about the challenges you could be facing right now. Are you using the current financial situation to make your own excuses? When times get tough, the excuses come out.

Businesses are facing real problems today and we understand this. You have questions and we have solutions. For example:

Q and S Ė Questions and Solutions

Q. Do you want to be like so many others or do you want to stay in business?

S. Your Certified Accountability Coach can teach you cutting edge techniques to stay in business, avoid losing clients and continue to profit, even in times of economic hardship.

Q. Do you struggle with tough decisions letting people go to cut expenses because you find it too emotional?

S. We can help you make the tough decisions and coach you through the process of implementing those decisions no matter which decision is right for you and your business.

Q. Do you know what to do when your companyís sales are down?

S. Someone is buying what you are selling and a Certified Accountability Coach can help you discover how to profit even in down economic times. The reality is billions of dollars are being spent every day on goods and services.

Our coaching process will help you gain clarity and anchor yourself in the real world and find those sources of revenue you and your team have overlooked Ė just like the guy we helped save $600,000 in 6 weeks!

I moved from Vice President of Sales to President and Publisher over the past two years. My sales team has exceeded their sales goals for four years in a row with very little turnover, which was "good" turnover." I would recommend John to anyone who is looking for professional and personal growth and is willing and able to be open to new ideas."

- John Dinkel, Publisher, Baltimore Business Journal

A Certified Accountability Coach can help you with these situations...and more

With One-on-One Accountability Coaching from our Certified Accountability Coaches, you will receive:

1. Ongoing commitment to growing yourself and your business.
2. A focus on changing leadership behaviors that could be damaging others and you are unable to see for yourself.
3. Help to implement systems in your life and organization that increase productivity.

You will receive sustainable results you can take with you for the rest of your life!

This personalized approach to One-on-One Accountability Coaching gives you exclusive, individual access to the Certified Accountability Coach of your choice.

With this expert, you can zoom in on the challenges that may be present in your business or life and learn how to properly overcome those challenges.

Accountabilitys, Inc© Leadership Assessment Evaluates Where You Stand

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"Fewer than 1/10th of 1% of all Financial Advisors generates $100 million in production (new clients / assets under management) in one year. This goal was actually met and surpassed in October. And for the full calendar year I managed to bring in $114.5 million in new client assets. Thanks again for all of your assistance and support.

- Jon Heisler, Vice President, Bernstein Global Wealth Management

How Do I Get Started?

1. Make the choice to invest in your future.

2. Complete the complimentary assessment.

3. Answer these 3 questions:

a. What in your life Ė either personally or professionally Ė do you want more of or want to tolerate less of?
b. What results do you wish to accomplish using your coach?
c. How will you measure whether our work together is successful?

4. If there is a "match" we can then offer a "test drive" - there is absolutely no obligation, no cost and all of our time spent together is confidential. Most people tell us they derive value from this process whether we choose to work together going forward or not.

One-on-One Accountability Coaching can help you to:

  • Create new ideas
  • Explore possibilities
  • Make decisions-- avoid procrastination
  • Make or save more money
  • Have less stress -- more time
  • Grow your business -- stay in business

In these trying times, everyone is looking to cut expenses and this includes your clients and customers. Will you "make the cut" and remain in business by providing something of value they cannot do without?

Together, we can turn:


Who uses One-on-One Accountability Coaching?

Certified Accountability Coaches work directly with corporate leaders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs to provide the accountability training in a specialized, tailored-for-you environment.

As a woman in a male dominated industry I have had lots of professional challenges. Clarifying my own goals and recognizing my own commitment to the family business was the starting point in the coaching process for me. I had virtually no formal management training prior to working with John, so Accountability Training introduced me to lots of new ideas and approaches.

I have gained insight into my own strengths and weaknesses, and gained an understanding of my role as owner. Iíve acquired confidence and skill in leading my company. The result is an organization that strives to work as a team.
One-on-one coaching has generated a learning program that zeroed in on the areas where I need to focus. Thanks John!

Mary Lou Carlson, President, Middle Atlantic Wholesale Lumber, Inc.

Lead with clarity, find the best within yourself and your employees, and produce fantastic new results for your business!

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These are extraordinary times, fraught with challenges we haven't experienced in a generation or more. And if you think itís tough now, odds are it's going to get tougher before we see a turn for the better.

Unfortunately the days and months ahead will get the best of many businesses and business people. Reality is not a negative! Our accountability coaching process will help you get in touch with reality and help you make the right decisions.

Donít let these challenging financial times get the best of YOU! Howís it feeling right now being out there all alone? It doesnít have to be that way!

"You gave me some of the best counsel and advice that anyone could expect. Your feedback has helped guide me in making several career decisions. Close friends, relatives and business associates cannot provide the type of support that a coach can; they are either too close or just not capable of providing the type of feedback and advice that is needed. There are four areas that I found your coaching to be most beneficial to me: 1) Help to stay focused and bJohnced, 2) Provide practical and honest advice, 3) Identify specific and helpful resources and 4) Networking and contacts. Your support as a coach and willingness to provide this kind of help to others is admirable. I thank you again."

Jay Lutskus, Corporate Executive

As one example, click here to see how one idea given to one entrepreneur business owner helped him save over $600,000 in 6 weeks!

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Yours for greater Accountability,

John M. Dobzinski, Master Certified Coach
Founder, Accountabilitys, Inc.

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