Mario's Testimonials

"I have had the privilege of working with Mario since 2007. He has served as my executive coach and mentor during this time. I have found our relationship to be one of my most valued professional relationships. He has helped me grow and develop as a senior leader at The Hartford. His lessons have been equally powerful in my personal life. His ability to open my eyes to different perspectives has proven to be a priceless skill. For leadership professionals who are looking for a partner to help them realize new levels of effectiveness, Mario is an outstanding choice."

Chad Burkholder, Vice President & General Manager, The Hartford

"A class act with a humble approach Mario is a tremendous asset to all professionals in any career."

Ryan Margolis, Entrepreneur, hired Mario as a Business Consultant in 2008

"Working with Mario, I feel I truly grew as a professional and a manager. I started working with Mario, when I was promoted to my first management position. As my coach, he helped me to identify the areas most critical to my development, create a plan to integrate these activities with my work, and execute that plan. In our work together, Mario was a great sounding board. He helped me stay on plan, deal with everyday work issues and manage areas of concern. He challenged me to take ownership of my professional development and to take risks as a manager. As a result of our work, I am more confident in all facets of my job. And specifically delighted to be more effective when delegating, making difficult decisions and setting expectations with staff, colleagues and senior management."

David Rosenberg, Director, Center for Social Responsibility, Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia

“I am a senior manager at a non-profit and just finished working with Mario. Mario provided extraordinary insights into my “issues” and had the uncanny ability to capture my ramblings and translate and summarize them into neat insights that helped me to look at myself in a most constructive light. He was non-judgmental and always supportive of me which helped build my confidence in him and his ability to help me. In particular, I felt that Mario understood my strengths and areas for improvement. This made his suggestions and advice that more valuable to me. Mario frequently strategized with me about difficult situations, particularly supervisory issues and in doing so, helped me to become a far more confident and successful manager. I highly recommend Mario to anyone who is genuine about wanting to improve themselves as a manager."

Adam Kessler, Director, Center for Jewish Life and Learning, 
Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia

"Coaching with Mario gave me the opportunity I needed to step away from situations I was facing, see and consider new possibilities for action, and develop action plans to deal with those situations. Through his coaching, Mario provided insightful questions that improved my understanding of my priorities, my expectations of others, my expectations for myself, my leadership skills and my approach toward work. Ultimately, my sessions helped me improve as a leader, better organize my workload and work in a smarter, more-efficient way."

Dave Ulmer, Technical Project Lead

"I have worked with Mario as an executive coach since 2006. By providing a blend of personal experience, insightfulness and external resources, he has enabled me to perform at a higher professional, as well as, personal level. I highly recommend Mario."

David Sternberg, Manager, Deloitte Consulting

"Mario has the rare gift of being able to help others to see their way through confusion, ambivalence, fear, and whatever other blocks are in the way of getting to a place of clarity in life situations. Through his compassionate, intuitive, and competent guidance, he facilitates getting to the heart of the matter. Mario has a natural gift for really listening and "getting it" coupled with highly tuned skills in questioning, mirroring, and the ability to offer keen insights. At this time of transition and uncertainty in my own life, I have found my coaching sessions with Mario to be invaluable in helping me to clarify my priorities as they relate to both my immediate needs as well as possibilities for future paths, thereby empowering me to take steps towards creating a purposeful and happy life."

Deborah Tangen, Systems Analyst