In these times of fear and uncertainty, where can you turn for competent advice, strategic direction, and a sounding board for your ideas and concerns?

Big corporations have a "Board of Directors" to provide guidance and direction. Many companies pay high-priced consultants to give them the advice they need. Others turn to unqualified friends, neighbors, or (gasp!) relatives for advice about their business.

But what about you?

  • Where can you turn when you need an experienced sounding board or "gut check?
  • Who is available to give you the objective view you need to run your business effectively?
  • Would you like to have someone available just when you need them to provide the critical advice and coaching to get you through these tough times?

"You changed my life! Working with you has released new energy within me and changed the atmosphere of my department and improved my quality of life. Thanks again for all your assistance."
Larry Kraemer, Vice President, Harkins Builders

Keep reading if you...

...need a competent sounding-board to help you get better organized around your key priorities

...want to discuss exactly what steps you need to take to navigate the challenges you're facing

...want to talk candidly and openly about what you need to be more successful at work - and in life

...find it critical to work with someone who knows the right questions to ask - and how to ask them in the right way

...feel like you really need to be heard

...wish you had someone to brainstorm the stuff that's really troubling you

...want to collaborate with an experienced business Coach in a completely confidential manner, unencumbered by any organizational politics and/or interpersonal power dynamics

The Coaching Gym program is your answer!

With the Coaching Gym, you get priority access to two of the top certified coaches in America (John M. Dobzinski and Mario DiCioccio) to help you with all of the above and more.

John M. Dobzinski, Master Certified Coach (MCC) "America's Accountability™", Master Certified Coach and author of "The Accountability Factor: The Buck Starts Here" has been coaching top executives and highly successful business owners for over 20 years.

Mario DiCioccio is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) as awarded by the International Coach Federation. Mario works with business owners, executives, managers and individual contributors in large to small enterprises that want to improve their effectiveness, increase productivity, feel more satisfied in their careers, adapt to changes or have a sounding board for big decisions.

Because of their success, only those with big budgets could afford to retain either John M. Dobzinski or Mario DiCioccio coaching services until now.

The "Coaching Gym" is an innovative and unique approach to coaching, tailored just for you.

"The business results were significant double-digit increases in revenues and earnings. Our paper has had significant growth in paid circulation two years in a row at a time when daily newspapers were losing subscribers. We began to work together more as a team. Our events became better attended, better executed and financially successful."
Jim Breiner, Former Publisher, Baltimore Business Journal

Coaching Gym is a "members only" program which gives you private access to Master Certified Coach John M. Dobzinski, as well as Mario DiCioccio, PCC.

But don't be fooled. This isn't the traditional "every Thursday at 3 o'clock for an hour" kind of coaching. (Not that there is anything wrong with that!) Nope, this is coaching when YOU need it...days, nights, weekends. The coaching gym will fit YOUR schedule.

And each session lasts 20 minutes. Just enough time for you to state your needs, work with your coach to solve the problem, then get on with your life.

No wasted time, no idle chit-chat, just focused, energetic coaching to get you past whatever obstacle you are facing RIGHT NOW.

What are the benefits of Coaching Gym?

benifits of coaching gym
  • A trusted advisor and confidante
  • Lower stress level
  • Build self confidence
  • Eliminate self doubts
  • Achieve a more bJohnced life
  • Improve relationships
  • Learn to be a better communicator
  • Clarify goals, both business and personal
  • Create strategies to realize goals
  • Expand your vision or narrow it
  • Have more fun
  • Improved leadership effectiveness
  • Healthier work/life bJohnce
  • Set and achieve challenging goals
  • The empathic understanding of an expert coach
  • Get out of a funk
  • Put passion back into your life
  • Be accountable to yourself and have others accountable to you
  • Building a team that gets things done.
  • Reducing complacency - turn talk into action
  • Save time-reduce stress
  • Develop a first-rate management team
  • Delegate more effectively
  • Build employee commitment to an action plan
  • Improve productivity, employee retention or customer loyalty
  • Create accountability in the workplace
  • Greater profits

"I have been truly impressed by John's insight and professionalism. He has a unique ability to get to the core of an issue and bring clarity to thought processes. I have seen considerable change in how I manage time. John has also helped me to improve my own decision making abilities. John is easy to work with and working with him produces results. I highly recommend John and the Executive Coaching services he provides."
Bill Fox, Former Chairman, Go Industry


How does Coaching Gym work?

Coaching Gym works very much like a gym membership. You pay a small monthly membership fee, and you get flexible access to the gym (either coach) any time during the "open hours."

Coaching Gym is not a one size fits all solution, but rather is tailored to each member's needs. Think of this as having your own "personal business trainer."

Think of your Accountability Coach in terms of riding a bicycle. We'll be right there to run alongside of you. Coaching and guiding you when things get “wobbly". We don't ride the bike for you. You have to do the work to be successful. But we will be right there, helping you along the way.

And if you fall? Your Accountability Coach will be right there, ready to pick you up, dust you off, and get you going again.

"Owning your own small business can be a very lonely place. It is also very difficult to hold yourself accountable, because there is no one to report to. Who cares if you don't accomplish what you wanted to do that day, week or year? I can now organize my priorities so I don't feel so overwhelmed. There have been some major projects that are really rolling now, that were only pipe dreams before. My personal life is just as complicated as the business one, and John has helped me progress in that area too. I am holding others responsible where they should be."
Nancy J. Mayer, President, Mayer Bros., Inc

Our approach helps hold yourself accountable so you will have less stress, more time, and a better bottom line.

In order to suit your schedule, we will make sure to have open slots available days, nights, and weekends.

Just like a gym, you can attend as little or as much as you would like, all for the same low membership fee.

Each "workout session" is 20 minutes in duration.

"My coaching began during a transition time when I had changed jobs, relocated to a different part of the country and, the biggest change of all, moved from running an organization to being a number two. Your ability to assess my situation from an outside view was invaluable. Someone was asking me the hard questions and not letting me slide on what I needed to change. How did my organization measure the value of our time together? It was easy. I stayed. I thrived. And consequently, my team and our work did as well. John, thank you for that!."
Penny Lewandowski, Director, Edward Lowe Foundation

Sessions are scheduled using our flexible online scheduling calendar. When you have a question, problem, or situation you want to work through, just simply log in to the online calendar, book the time slot which suits your needs, and that time is yours! Simply call the private, members-only coaching gym telephone line at the time you have booked, and your private business coach will be standing by, ready to help you out.

Recorded for your benefit

Many coaching gym sessions contain in-depth brainstorming or “aha" moments that sometimes happen so fast, they get forgotten as soon as they are said. That's why each and every coaching gym session is digitally recorded. Within 48 hours of your session, an mp3 recording will be delivered to you, so you can listen over and over, taking notes and taking action.

How much does Coaching Gym cost?

Traditional, One-on-One coaching programs for either John M. Dobzinski or Mario DiCioccio can cost as much as $500 per hour, with monthly minimums and long term contracts...and clients consider it an excellent investment when measured by the value our coaches provide.

(Don't get us wrong. There IS a time and reason for one-on-one Accountability coaching. If you are looking for a full, comprehensive coaching experience, CLICK HERE NOW to learn more about all of our coaching options.

Coaching Gym is different. There is no long-term contract, and the monthly membership fee is nominal. Only $495/month! That's more than 90% off normal coaching rates! You can save even more with generous pre-payment options and team member discounts.

Click here for more info about discounts

Furthermore, we are throwing in BONUS monthly group Teleseminars for all Coaching Gym Charter members.

You'll get "Private Access" to world class experts and speakers who normally charge thousands of dollars per presentation for their valuable content. As a Charter member of Coaching Gym, you'll get access to these timely and topical presentations FREE!

OUR GUARANTEE: You must be 100% satisfied with your Coaching Gym membership! Simply try it out for up to three coaching sessions, and if you aren't 100% satisfied with your results, we will issue you a full refund. You risk NOTHING by giving it a try!

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the 'gifts' you have given me over the past year. Through your expert coaching you have given me the guidance I needed to be not only a better executive but a better person. I was able to reorganize my entire staff to align with the needs of a rapidly changing industry. I was able to greatly reduce the drama that existed within a family run agency to increase profitability, improve time management and as a result double our existing client base.

John, you have far exceeded my expectations. I would recommend your services to anyone who wishes to improve not only their company but their life as well
Reid Miller, President/Executive Creative Director, The Miller Group


Coaching Gym is the most COST EFFECTIVE, efficient, and practical way to overcome the roadblocks holding you back and your business back. You've read all about it. You've checked out the testimonials to see how powerful Accountability Coaching can be. With our no-risk, 100% money back guarantee, it only makes good business sense to give it a try.

So if you are ready to reduce your stress, get more free time, and improve YOUR bottom line, take a small step out of your comfort zone and...

click here to join

NOTICE: This is live, private coaching where you will be talking directly to your personal coach. Just like you, we are limited to only 24 hours in a day. Thus, only a LIMITED number of people will be accepted for this program for 2009 and we will NOT accept any more once we're full. Act now or you may spend 2009 stuck in the recession with everyone else!

PS: We have NEVER made such a generous offer for coaching services before. NEVER. If you can say "no" to this, you're either a much, much more profitable and rich business owner than we are, or you are just stubborn! This really is an unprecedented opportunity to bring us on your side, as your personal Business Coaching team, for far less than anything close to standard coaching rates.

PPS: Price concerning you? Cut out some groceries, Starbucks, DVD's, books, lunches out, or some other small sacrifice. Something small a few times a day each day of the month costs more than this opportunity!

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