Coaching Gym FAQs

Q. How many sessions may I schedule at one time?

A. The schedule for the Coaching Gym will be announced monthly. In order to provide members of the Coaching Gym with the best access to the top certified coaches, members may schedule up to two (2) non-consecutive coaching sessions. Once a member has completed a coaching session, then the member may schedule an additional session.

Q. What if I need extra time at the end of my session?

A. By coaching with a laser focus, your coach will get to the source or root of the issue quickly. However, if you need extra time at the end of your session, please ask your coach to see if they have time to accommodate "extra time". If your coach does not have time at the end of your session, then you may schedule a follow up session at your coach’s next available appointment.

Q. What is the best way to maximize the benefits of my sessions?

A. In all of the coaching sessions, your coach may agree on certain follow up action steps, homework or reading. For you to maximize the benefit of your coaching, it is important that you commit to completion of such work so that we can discuss this at the next session.

Q. What are the telephone calling procedures?

A. At the scheduled appointment time, you agree to call the Coach at an agreed upon telephone number. You shall be responsible for any applicable long-distance charges when calling the Coach. To the extent that you are not able to connect with your Coach at the appointed time, then please contact our Helpline.

Q. What if I need to reschedule my session?

A. Rescheduling an appointment is easy with at least 24-hour advance notice. If you have an emergency, the Coach will do its best to work around it.

Q. Is my coach available between sessions to review materials in advance of my next session?

A. To the extent that you want your coach to review any materials in advance of your next session, please discuss this with them during your previous session.