accountability coaching

Executives and HR managers know coaching is the most potent tool for inducing lasting personal change† - Ivy Business Journal

The Accountability coach-approach helps business leaders†learn to lead better, communicate more†clearly and to bring out the best within their own teams. It cuts out the stress and the drama and helps you to create more time for yourself and†enables you teach your team to do the same. Create a workplace that everyone looks forward to every day with Accountability Coaching. Change your†business into a motivated, dynamic group of true leaders with simply becoming accountable.


Choose†the Accountability Coaching style that works best for you.

The Coaching Gym: †This is the place for you if you need the ease and convenience of a gym membership! Join as a monthly Coaching Gym member† and then "work out" when YOU have the time! With personal access to our top Accountability, you can fit their expertise into your own schedule!

  • Have a question or a crisis that you want help with right away?†
  • Need an immediate sounding board or guidance from your own personal expert accountability trainer?
  • Want†a healthier bJohnce between your work and your personal life?

All you need to do is join the Gym and utilize the experts when you need them!† To learn more about the Coaching Gym, click the link above.

The Accountability Study Group:† This online†study group is based on the†founding principles of John M. Dobzinski's The Accountability Factor: The Buck Starts Here ,†and is geared towards managers and leaders who have others reporting to them. As a participant in the Accountability Study Group, you will learn how to take your leadership skills to a higher level and achieve more as a leader. Each†Study Group module†will have a specific†begin and end date,†featuring a weekly†teleseminar,†with follow-up live Q & A later in the week. You will be working with other leaders, giving you the advantage of learning from one another, as well as from America's Accountability!

This exciting Accountability†group is currently being created.† You can†sign up for complete Study Group information when†it becomes†available by clicking here. You may also click the same link†to get a sneak peek†at this exciting new†leadership group!

One-On-One Accountability Coaching: This personalized approach to Accountability Coaching gives you exclusive, individual access to the†certified accountability coach†of your choice. Designed for the top-level executive, the Accountability of your choice works directly to provide the accountability training in a specialized, customized, private environment.†Learn to lead with clarity,†find the best within yourself and your employees,†and produce†fantastic new results for your corporation! Click the link above or fill out the "contact us" form to reach the Accountability and get started with your own Accountability Coaching!

*Full comparison chart of each of the above services is located below

Once used to bolster troubled staffers, coaching now is part of the standard leadership development training for elite executives and talented up-and-comers at IBM, Motorola, J.P. Morgan, Chase, and Hewlett Packard.† These companies are discreetly giving their best prospects what star athletes have long had:† a trusted adviser to help reach their goals -
† †

Which Accountability Coaching program is right for me?

  • Regularly scheduled, recurring sessions
  • Ongoing commitment to growing yourself and your business
  • Permanent, long term development
  • Focus on changing leadership behavior
  • Also valuable for developing your team
  • Sustainable results
  • Helps to implement systems in your organization
  • Single dedicated coach
  • Cost effective based on powerful positive outcome
  • Results oriented
  • Private, confidential†
  • Instant, just in time assistance
  • Laser focus on a specific problem or need
  • Scheduled as needed
  • No recurring time commitment
  • No long term sessions
  • Highly cost effective
  • In the moment
  • Your choice of coaches depending on your need
  • Instant accessibility
  • Affordable for anyone
  • Focused on problem solving
  • Private, confidential
  • Study Group curriculum based on the book "The Accountability Factor" by John M. Dobzinski
  • For taking the Accountability Coaching method to the next level Designed specifically for managers and leaders who have employees reporting to them
  • Group sessions for training
  • Live group Q&A
  • Working with a group of your peers to resolve issues Specific begin and end date to the group

The Accountability Philosophy

Our accountability philosophy is the basis for everything we do and how we teach people to improve their businesses. True accountability is sustainable. It isnít something you can learn or change overnight. Instead, it is a process.

Many people today are looking for solid, dependable answers in an uncertain time. We canít always control the world around us but we can learn to be accountable for those things we can control -- starting with ourselves.

Accountability gives you the opportunity to control your own path. You don't blame others. And, you don't blame the external environment. There are always things you could have done or still can do to change the outcome. You actually gain control with accountability. † Accountability opens the door to true leadership, more effective and clear communication, and in finding your own compass for a fulfilling life. Being accountable cuts through the clutter and simplifies in a way that no other tool can. Step forward and learn to become accountable with our Certified Accountability Coaches!†

I just wanted to thank you...for your time, energy, and ability to always ask the right question. I can honestly say that as a result of our coaching sessions, I am truly a better person on both a personal and professional level. You are a tremendous coach. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.† - S.K.